Adam Mermelstein

Managing Member

Adam Mermelstein’s ability to recognize neighborhoods and properties with untapped potential has led to some of the most significant HUD acquisitions in the eastern United States. He identifies emerging niche markets, enabling The Aspen Companies to purchase value-added properties that quickly create cash flows. Mr. Mermelstein has developed a strategic program for each acquired property that includes focused capital improvement that bring the property up to modern standards. Further, Mr. Mermelstein handles all acquisitions and oversees management of the company.


Azi Mandel

Managing Member

Azi Mandel is a hands-on leader with an extensive background in real estate development and repositioning properties, proving that a creative approach can lead to substantial and accelerated growth in key urban markets. Mr. Mandel handles an array of dealings with banking institutions and private and institutional investors. He has developed a keen knowledge of all aspects of HUD contracts, regulatory agreements and other legal and contractual matters. In addition, Mr. Mandel works creatively to cut costs, while improving the aesthetics and value of Aspen’s properties.


Isaac Ross

Director of Acquisitions

Isaac Ross is the director of acquisitions for The Aspen Companies, managing and facilitating the acquisition of HUD properties. Through meticulous research and detailed market analysis, he investigates properties as potential additions to Aspen’s portfolio and targets those properties for acquisition. In addition, Mr. Ross supervises the entire investment and due diligence process, facilitates the financing for each property and leads the HUD submission process for the affordable housing projects.


Shaneequah Simon


Shaneequah Simon serves as the controller for The Aspen Companies, responsible for accounting operations and the construction and implementation of systemized accounting policies and procedures. She works closely with corporate management to produce detailed periodic financial reports. In addition, Ms. Simon manages the company’s finances and serves as a liaison for its lender relationships. She also supervises the firm’s external accountants conducting year-end audits.


Peter Garcia

Manhattan Portfolio Manager

Peter Garcia is the Manhattan portfolio manager for The Aspen Companies, supervising fifty multifamily properties in high-profile areas. Drawing upon his many years of expertise, Mr. Garcia oversees all aspects of the portfolio, including revenue and expense management, and constantly works on creative ways to increase the bottom line net income for each property he manages.


Joshua Gottlieb

Director of Asset Management

Joshua Gottlieb is the director of asset management at The Aspen Companies, responsible for the renovation and ongoing management of its properties in the tristate area. Leveraging his knowledge and experience in property management, Mr. Gottlieb skillfully oversees construction projects, ensuring that each project is completed on time and within budget. Mr. Gottlieb also implements streamlined systems for rent collection, building maintenance and tenant occupancy. He works closely with Aspen’s owners and investors to ensure that the firm’s goals are being met.


Jose Felix Reyes

Director of Field Operations

Jose Felix Reyes is the director of field operations for The Aspen Companies, planning, coordinating and executing capital improvement projects for Aspen’s portfolio. With an eye for detail and keen understanding of construction management, Mr. Reyes excels at providing strategic and tactical direction for Aspen’s projects. He implements systemized methods to best utilize materials and human resources for maximum productivity.


Amnon Z. Wenger

General Counsel

Amnon Wenger serves as the general counsel for The Aspen Companies. He is responsible for negotiating and drafting all agreements, implementing and establishing all legal policies and procedures and providing counsel on planning, governance and general legal issues to the company. In addition, Mr. Wenger serves as a liaison to the company’s outside counsel and insurance companies.

Our properties are a reflection of who we are

Led by company Principals (and childhood friends) Azi Mandel and Adam Mermelstein, The Aspen Companies is comprised of a multi-layered network of regional and on-site multifamily professionals, leasing agents and maintenance personnel who are dedicated to fashioning the most resident-friendly and financially successful communities in the U.S.